About Megawhichis

MEGA WHICH IS  is a production company of paper dolls using a distinct design of ‘two-dimensional’  clothing to dress the doll as a person. With our new design, we hope to bring paper dolls back from the Golden Age.


Mega Whichis dolls were created from a belief that pretends play is vital in a child’s development and dressing dolls up like their favorite story character is a fun and natural way for children to cultivate their imagination and creativity through play.


Mega Whichis activities provide safe supplies/play to support the process of ‘critical thinking’ throughout a child’s most imaginative period of life.


With a pair of scissors, glue, markers, and other materials we can easily find around us, Mega Whichis wishes to encourage children’s natural creativity, independently or together, with their friends and family.


Fun facts, activities, and up-to-date information through play can be the first step in cultivating a child’s desire to make sense of the world around them. Mega Whichis wish to help children discover the world; the society’s expectation for women and children and the different cultures and lifestyles as they play from the series of Mega Whichis Dolls from Around the World.


To nurture children’s imagination and empower a child’s ability to create and express themselves through play.