If you have Mega Whichis, account, after your purchase, you’ll see ‘MY PROFILE’ on the right top corner of your screen.¬† From there, you can manage your account activity; Orders, Downloads/files, and your Account details. All your download/files link will go to the ‘Downloads’ page.

Downloads are available once your payment is confirmed.

There are limits for when or how many times you can download a day Р this will depend on the type of subscription you purchase. Previously downloaded dresses will remain in your account.

If your payment is still processing or your account is not up to date, you will not be able to the Download a new dress.

If your computer states that the file has been corrupted or have other issues, delete the data, log out and then login again and try downloading it again. If you still can’t open the file, please email us for further assistance.

The non-transferable copyrights of this design belong to Mega Whichis.

The downloads of the digital file(s) or dresses are meant for SHARING and to be played with a friend, NOT to be repackaged for resale.