How Much Do You Know About AMERICAN INDIAN?

Who are the indigenous and tribal peoples?
What is the origin of the name Indian?
Are Native American tribes Nations?
What is the symbolism of the American flag?
What are the different Native American tribes?
Where are the American Indian reservations?
Where are the American Indian (Native American) Landmarks
What are the five regions of the United States?
What are the four seasons and their meaning?
What are the six time zones in the USA?
Which countries share a border with the USA?
What airports have US customs preclearance?
Which countries allow US citizens to enter without a visa?
What is US currency called?
What are the top three languages spoken in the USA?
What is the national religion of the United States?
What are the five symbols that represent America?
What are the seven major rivers in the US?
What’s the tallest mountain in the continental United States?
What is the most dangerous volcano in the United States?
What kind of food did the Native American eat?
What games did Native American children play?
What is the traditional clothing do the Native Americans wear?