How Much Do You Know

Learn more about Eritrea. Use library books
or Internet sites to find out more about this amazing country and culture. Make sure to ask an adult to help you research about this topics.

Where does the name Eritrea come from?
What type of government does Eritrea have?
What does the Eritrean flag represent?
What race is Eritrea?
What is the capital of Eritrea?
What are some landmarks in Eritrea?
What are the main regions of Eritrea?
How many seasons are there in Eritrea?
What time zone is Eritrea?
How many countries border Eritrea?
How many airports are in Eritrea?
Do Eritrean passports have an expiry date?
What countries can Eritrean visit without a visa?
How many dollars is Nakfa?
Which language is spoken in Eritrea?
What is the main religion in Eritrea?
What is the national bird of Eritrea?
Does Eritrea have any rivers?
How many mountains are in Eritrea?
What kind of volcanoes are in Eritrea?
What do they eat in Eritrea?
What games are popular in Eritrea?
What are everyday activities for children in Eritrea?
What is the traditional clothing in Eritrea?